From Zero to $4M+ in less than 2 years…
A Plumbing and HVAC Success Story

Interviews with the nations leading plumbing businesses. Discover what marketing efforts actually work and how you can grow your business to the $1M + mark & beyond.

It’s not often you hear about a Plumbing and HVAC business that goes from $0 in revenue and 2 years later is generating $4 million in revenue, but that’s exactly what Shawn Henson of Your Home Services of Tampa, Florida has done. In this conversation, you’re going to hear how Shawn transitioned out of the automotive service industry and into plumbing, how he started his company from square one, and how he has gone about building his business through ad spend and guerilla marketing tactics that most service providers are hesitant to try. Don’t miss it!

The Strategy That Converted Dead Leads Into Revenue

When Shawn first started his business he had to resort to the services many service providers lean on and therefore are not as effective because they are overused. But he had no choice. He quickly learned to supplement those efforts by using graphic design to set his messaging apart. In fact, he saw the power of it so clearly that the first person he hired was a graphic designer. His aim was to make his company look big, professional, and trustworthy. He wanted to behave like the company he aspired to be. To follow that, he taught his team how to ask open-ended questions that led customers to other service opportunities that could add value to them. Listen to Shawn’s story to get an inside look at how he grew his business into an amazing HVAC success story.

Ongoing Customer Service Training Makes Service Techs More Effective

Most companies train their employees once when they are hired and perhaps follow up with an annual review of that training – but Shawn requires ongoing customer service training on a weekly basis that continues to fuel the success of his company. He believes that if customers have a great experience – which depends entirely on his technicians – then they will never go to another company for the services he provides and will refer him to their friends. He’s a smart guy who has done an amazing job building his company. Be sure you listen to hear all his ideas and lessons-learned. It’s an HVAC success story worth learning from.

You Can Build Your Company Organically or You Can Do What Shawn Did

It’s a legitimate thing to build your plumbing and HVAC business organically, allowing quality work, great customer service, and time to build a reputation that increases revenue. But Shawn wasn’t prepared to wait that long for his company to become successful, so he got busy. He used pay-per-click, Google Local Services, and direct mail to buy customers in an effort to jump-start his business. He also learned how to use what he calls “guerilla tactics” in Facebook groups to become known and gain referrals. In two short years, the evidence of his efforts is obvious. Shawn’s the kind of guy you want to listen to and learn from, so take the time to do it!

Does Your Company Culture Drive Great Customer Reviews?

Shawn has worked overtime to build a great team spirit that generates enthusiasm for the kind of quality work their company provides. His team is motivated by continued customer service training, in-house contests, and online reviews. In this conversation, Shawn describes the type of incentives he provides to his technicians, how they typically respond, and how it all works together to provide a wealth of online reviews that build his company’s reputation in the community. This Plumbing and HVAC success story is one you won’t want to miss.

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