Plumbing Success in a Smaller Market with Kevin Wolf of Laney’s Heating and Cooling

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On this episode of the Plumbing & HVAC Marketing Podcast I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Wolf of Laney’s Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical on how he grew his company to $16M per year and 50+ trucks in a small market of just 250,000 population. Listen in to discover what Kevin is doing dominate his local market, keep his phones ringing, trucks running & business booming. Listen to the full interview now by clicking below: If you’re looking for a way to take your small-market company to a greater level of plumbing success, this is the episode you need to listen to. Kevin Wolf is the president of Laney’s Heating and Cooling in Fargo North Dakota, a market of right around 300,000 people. Yet, Laney’s owns 25% of the market share and did $16 million in sales last year. In this conversation, Kevin explains how their team approaches marketing, customer follow-up, referral acquisition, and even some community services they offer that provide great leads that result in lifetime clients. You won’t want to miss the powerful things that Kevin has to share.

Plumbing success to the tune of $16M per year

One of the things that intrigues me the most about Kevin’s story is that his company is able to bring in $60 million worth of revenue per year in a relatively small market like Fargo, ND. I had to ask him how they were able to do that and his answer did not disappoint. Kevin said one of the most important things that their team concentrates on is to always be advertising or marketing in some way. They never want their community to forget that they are around and ready to help with plumbing or heating and cooling issues. Listen to this episode to hear how Kevin’s team goes about their marketing, from television and radio to direct mail and email.

Pleasing you pleases us: The primary USP of Laney’s Plumbing Success

Kevin says that any company that wants to have success has to have a clear USP or unique selling proposition. He says that the team at Laney’s understands that everything they offer is wrapped up in pleasing the customer. Their mantra, which you can see on the home page of their website is, “Pleasing you pleases us” and it is evident in every interaction their team has with their customers. I asked Kevin to describe the kind of training they give their technicians and how they follow up with clients to ensure that they have been pleased with the service they’ve received. He provided a great description of how the team has been so successful. You can hear the techniques their team is using on this episode.

Intentional email list building has made a huge difference in the ability to follow up with customers

Not long ago Laney’s Plumbing and Heating had a very small email list. But with a very honest and transparent focus on attaining the email addresses of existing customers and new prospects, they were able to grow their email list significantly and begin utilizing it for very inexpensive marketing. The results have been phenomenal. In this episode, Kevin gives advice about how to obtain email addresses from existing customers, how to use email effectively including what kind of messaging to send out, and how to provide expertise and knowledge to build authority and credibility with your target market.

You won’t have nearly as much success if you abandon your values as a company

At the end of this conversation, I asked Kevin for his advice to those who are looking to increase the level of success they are experiencing in their plumbing in HVAC business. Kevin said one of the most important things is that companies need to carefully ensure that they are maintaining their core values. It is easy to compromise things in order to get the next customer but Kevin believes that every company will benefit more in the long run if they maintain their ethics. That is what makes them a trustworthy and reliable service leader. This is the kind of incredible insight and wisdom that Kevin has to share this episode, so make sure you don’t miss it.


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