Marketing Secrets of a $30M+ Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical Business Titan

by Plumbing Marketing Profits on April 4, 2018

Mike Agugliaro is one of the biggest names in this industry because he successfully built his company Gold Medal Services to over $30M annual revenue and eventually sold it for a big profit.

Listen in a discover what Mike did to keep is phones ringing & hundreds of service trucks running every day.

What You're Going To Learn

  • How he grew his Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical business to over $30M per year
  • How he marketed his company to keep the phones ringing & that many trucks running day in & day out
  • Mike's Marketing Secrets
  • And MUCH more...

When it comes to being effective at HVAC and plumbing marketing, there are many basic approaches that work for businesses of almost any size. But as your business begins to grow, your strategies have to change. That's because your success breeds more success, which means the number of customers who need your services will be greater and the demand those increased numbers place on your business structures and team change everything. Mike Agugliaro is an amazing entrepreneur who started out as a plumbing, HVAC, and electrical service business owner. He's been so successful that he recently sold his company for one of the largest amounts ever in the service industry. Among the reasons he was so successful is because he learned that as the company grows, marketing approaches have to change with it. Listen to this conversation to learn some of the marketing secrets of Mike Agugliaro.

Frequency plus value: The formula for HVAC and plumbing marketing success

In of any kind of service business the issue of frequency is a powerful component of effective marketing. The more people see your company and become familiar with it, the more likely they are to call you when they have a problem that you can address. But frequency is not the only thing that matters. You also have to stand out from the competition by being extremely helpful to potential customers as well as those who are already customers. In this conversation, Mike shares why adding value is such a powerful part of the equation and how HVAC and plumbing marketing becomes even more effective when you take on a mindset of service rather than a mindset of sales.

Become the person who serves your market with the most value and you’ll be top in your market

One of the things that stands out in this conversation is the power and importance of serving people. Of course, HVAC and plumbing companies are in the service industry, but that doesn't mean that the owners and team members really understand what service is all about. You want to bring good into the lives of your customers and that should be happening whether you make money from it or not. Mike points out that the person who serves their market with the most value will automatically wind up on top of the market in terms of profitability. There is no way to keep it from happening that way. So your focus doesn't need to be on special discounts, promotional gimmicks, or anything of the kind. You need to focus on serving your customers and prospects alike - and Mike explains how to do it on this episode.

Marketing is not a one-way confrontation, it’s a two-way conversation

For far too long marketing, not just HVAC and plumbing marketing, has been perceived as a pushy, one-way confrontation where a service provider is trying to convince a consumer to buy what they offer. Mike says a slight shift of mindset and perspective about the definition of marketing can change everything for the average business. You need to think of your marketing as a two-way conversation, where you are actually caring about the person on the other end of the call and training all of your customer service people to have the same attitude. When you have a two-way conversation and truly add value to the person on the other end of the line, they are going to feel comfortable working with your company. It's really that simple.

Don’t rely on only one marketing channel. Here’s an example of the difference it makes

When Mike talks about the success he is experienced with his HVAC, electrical, and plumbing marketing, he points out the importance of using multiple marketing channels at once. He says that when he was only marketing via Direct Mail, he got great responses. When he was doing direct mail and radio advertisements, he got even better responses. When he combined both of those with television advertising, he got incredible responses. That kind of exponential return is an example of the frequency piece of the marketing formula and it puts you in front of your potential audience in a variety of platforms so that you become a household name in your geographic region. Mike has a wealth of great marketing strategies and information to share and he doesn't disappoint on this episode, so be sure you listen.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:24] Why Mike is such a well-known person in the plumbing/HVAC industry
  • [8:02] How Mike got into the plumbing/HVAC business
  • [17:10] Learning from the best of the best and how to hire the best people
  • [23:26] Frequency + value are the main aspects of marketing success
  • [30:48] The reason people talk so much about avatar is because it’s vitally important
  • [39:07] Using multiple marketing channels to target your geographic area
  • [45:08] Why you need to always be learning if you’re going to always be growing
  • [51:15] Key points to help you get to the next level in your HVAC and Plumbing marketing

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