How Mitch Kenney grew Colepepper Plumbing from Zero to $2.7M in less than 2 years...

by Plumbing Marketing Profits on August 19, 2017

On this episode of The Plumbing & HVAC Marketing Profits Show I interview Mitch Kenney from Colepepper Services San Diego.

Discover how he's grown his Plumbing & HVAC business from Zero to over $2.5M in just 2 years!!

Watch the inteview now:

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Show Notes:

How This Plumber in San Diego Went $0 to $2m in 2 Years with Mitch Kenney of Colepepper Services

There are many business owners who say they want their business to grow big. But very few are willing to do what it takes to get there. On this episode of Plumbing and HVAC Marketing, Josh chats with a guy who has learned HOW to do what it takes to achieve success. Mitch Kenney grew up around plumbing and felt it was not something he would ever want to do for a living. But once he did decide to start his own plumbing business, he’s gone from $0 to $2.5 million in just 2 years. That’s proof enough that he knows how to do what is required. You can hear how Mitch is growing his business through creativity, with a goal to hit $100m in revenue, on this episode.

Google Home services has been a great source of leads that convert for this plumber.

There are many service related referral and advertising networks available online these days. But one of the biggest to come on the scene recently is Google Home Services. The reason it’s so big is simple: It’s Google. The company knows how to get your advertisement in front of the people who are looking for what you have to offer and Mitch Kenney has had nothing but success from using the service. On this episode, he shares how he’s using it and the kind of results he’s seen. You’ll be impressed by the numbers and by how Mitch is leveraging it to get lifetime customers.

We recently conducted a deep dive on Google Home Services & everything you need to know. You can access it by clicking here.

Speed of response is crucial when it comes to converting leads.

If you’ve never used Google Home Services you’ll be excited about the way it works. Mitch Kenney says he creates his ad to be shown to people who are searching for plumbers in San Diego, and when someone searches for that phrase or something similar, Google will serve up his ad to them. He doesn’t pay until they call using the button on his ad. When they do he gets a message relayed to his office immediately. But here’s the key: in order to make that lead pay off, Mitch responds right away. He says people are becoming more and more used to a quick response and that his ability to respond right away gives him a huge advantage over his competition. Find out more of the savvy ways Mitch is making a dent in the San Diego plumbing industry by listening to this conversation.

On-the-spot online reviews cause this in-home service business to rock.

In this conversation, Josh asked his guest, Mitch Kenney of Colepepper Services how important it is that his company has a lot of positive reviews on the various review sites. He says it’s vital. So many people who call his office say that they saw that the company had a lot of high reviews and that’s why they called. Reviews are crucial these days. People assume trust from the social proof that comes from the testimonials of previous customers - and they call as a result. And how does Mitch get so many reviews? He’s trained his employees to lead the customer through the review process on the spot while they are still in the customer's home, and it’s paying off. Find out more about how Mitch has designed that process and is reaping the rewards, on this episode.

Look how people are succeeding outside your industry and apply it to what you do.

One of the most surprising things about how Mitch Kenney goes about learning and growing his plumbing business is that he doesn’t only listen to those inside the plumbing industry. He intentionally goes outside of his industry to see what’s being done in tech, or real estate, or ecommerce - and it fuels a lot of ideas for how he can tweak his marketing and sales process and increase his company’s revenue as a result. You’ll enjoy hearing from Mitch. He’s a guy who doesn’t do anything the traditional way - and his results show that he has been wise not to. Take a listen to this episode.

Outline of This Episode


  • [0:44] A 3rd generation plumber making it happen for his business and community.
  • [3:37] Transitioning from working with/for his dad and wound up filing bankruptcy.
  • [7:02] Burnt out on plumbing, trying sales jobs, setting records for the company.
  • [9:50] Moved to San Diego and back into plumbing and eventually started his own business.
  • [12:35] Working hard to do what works and make things happen.
  • [15:26] The advantage of shooting higher than you think you can accomplish.
  • [17:05] How Mitch determined his ideal customer to craft his message.
  • [19:07] The approach Mitch is taking in his market: better warranties.
  • [21:37] Strategies for generating leads through direct response marketing and strong offers.
  • [29:23] Mitch’s use of Google Home Services and how it’s been a great tool for his business.
  • [34:42] How Mitch is working to get online reviews and why they are important to his success.
  • [37:00] The approach Mitch takes to finding and keeping good employees.
  • [45:40] People Mitch learns from and listens to to grow personally and professionally.
  • [50:40] Advice to those who want to ramp things up and go big.

Resources & People Mentioned


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Amazing sorry, ideas & insights shared on this episode. I loved it!


Please post your comments & follow up questions below! Also, be sure to subscribe for the podcast so you don't miss any of the upcoming interviews:

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