Build a Referral System To Get More Repeat and Referral Business, with Brian Kaskavalciyan of gFour Marketing

by Plumbing Marketing Profits on June 21, 2018

On this training Brian Kaskavalciyan of gFour Marketing walks you through a proven process for driving more Repeat & Referral Business in your Plumbing or HVAC company.

He shares a 5 Step Action plan for converting a one-time customer into a repeat customer that buys from you again & again and refers you to others.

You know our mission at Plumbing & HVAC SEO is to give our clients an “unfair advantage” in their market by implementing the most aggressive Internet marketing strategy possible (that’s why we only work with one company per market!). During this training video Brian Kaskavalciyan from gFour Marketing shares proven strategies to leverage direct mail, email marketing & newsletters to you KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS (so they'll keep coming back) and MULTIPLY CUSTOMERS through referrals.


Imagine what it would be like if you never had to market your home service company again. Wouldn’t that be an amazing benefit? There are Plumbing and HVAC companies out there that get 70% of their business from a source that requires no marketing on their part. What is this amazing source? It's from existing customers telling others about their services and recommending them. Do you realize the power of that sort of referral? You could decrease your marketing budget, increase your customer service budget, AND grow your company at a rate you never thought possible. This webinar recording features Brian Kaskavalciyan of gFour Marketing. He highlights the simple things that can be done to impact your customers in positive ways, how those experiences convert to new customers, and what impact it has on the bottom line profits of businesses. Don’t miss what Brian has to share.

Repeat and referral business = less marketing costs and increased profits

How much money do you spend each month n marketing? Go ahead and add it all up - direct mail, email, television, radio, brochures, stickers? Marketing is usually a sizeable chunk of any service company’s budget - but there is a powerful way to decrease that marketing budget and increase profits at the same time. It’s through customer referrals. When you have existing customers doing your marketing for you, the need for outside marketing goes way down and the warmth of your leads goes up. Listen to this webinar recording to ensure that you know how to create your own referral system and make it work for your plumbing or HVAC business.

The more business that is coming through customer referrals, the more valuable your business is

Many service businesses are family owned, but for everyone, the time may come when you need to sell the business. That’s not something you want to think about when the time comes, you want to work ahead of time to build the value of the business before you need to sell it. If you do, you’ll cash out to a much greater degree than you can imagine. One vital thing to know is this: the more of your ongoing business that comes through customer referrals, the more valuable your business will be on the day you need to sell it. That’s why a referral system is vital for you to develop, use, and benefit from now. Learn how on this episode of the podcast.

Your job as a service provider is to give your customers a great story to tell

A great referral system begins way before you buy software or thank you notes. You need to first provide your customers with an amazing experience. They need a wonderful story to tell their family, friends, and neighbors if they are going to refer your company to others. That means your team has to be trained in exactly how to handle issues that arise in the home, just as much as they need to know the particular skills that go into their job. Find out how to build a culture of service that creates “Wow” responses from customers, on this webinar recording.

Your customers do NOT know you as well as you think they do

Brian often has conversations with service providers who are striving to create a referral system that fuels their growth. One of the issues he tries to nail down in every conversation is what the provider is doing to ensure they are the household name in their community, for their industry. He says that the maddening thing is that most service providers say that their community already knows who they are and will call if they need help. But in Brian’s experience, that’s a wrong assumption in almost every case. In this webinar he explains why your community likely doesn’t know your company as well as you think and what you can do to solve that problem, so be sure you listen.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:28] Are you getting at least 50% of your business from referrals?
  • [2:21] Why should you focus on repeat and referral business?
  • [7:20] Your job is to give your customers an incredible story to tell
  • [11:40] You want the customer, not the sale: transactional thinking VS relationship thinking
  • [15:57] What is your customer’s experience like? Reviews have changed the game
  • [20:08] The underlying factor of reviews are great (or terrible) experiences
  • [25:46] The power of giving a customer an incentive to use your company again (gift cards)
  • [39:28] What goes into a powerful referral system or plan?
  • [50:10] Why it’s important to reallocate some of your marketing budget to referral systems

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