What marketing methods are most effective for plumbing businesses

by Plumbing Marketing Profits on September 25, 2012

Marketing Methods for Plumbers & Plumbing BusinessesWith the myriad of marketing options available it can be really tough to isolate which methods will work best to generate leads for your plumbing business.

Below is a list of the MOST effective options based on our experience and interviews:
  • Internet Marketing - SEO - There is no question that getting ranked on Page One for your most important plumbing keywords will get the phone ringing.
  • Yellow Pages - Contrary to popular belief some of your best prospects (55+ home owners with disposable income) are still referencing the book.
  • Online Directory Adverting (Expecially Angie's List but also eLocal Plumber, YP.com, Yelp, etc)
  • Radio & TV - This might seem crazy, but we have seen a number of  Plumbing companies using this media effectively
  • Internet Marketing - Pay-per-click advertising - When done correctly PPC marketing can generate a solid Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Print Newsletters & eMail Newsletters - This is a GREAT way to maintain the relationship with your existing customers and ultimately get more repeat and referral business.
  • Wrapped Truck - This is a no-brainer. Your truck / van must be a billboard on wheels. Each of the top plumbing companies we have interviewed mentioned the importance of having professionally branded and wrapped vehicles.
Not so effective:
  • Direct mail (Not that it can't work, but has not been generating the same return as it has in previous years)
  • Billboard Ads
  • Paid ads via Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
I'd love to get your feedback. What marketing methods are working best in your Plumbing Business? What have you tried in the past that did or didn't work. Do you disagree with anything on the list? Should anything be added? Post your comments below:

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