Larkin Plumbing - Marketing Interview with Mark Larkin

by Plumbing Marketing Profits on April 23, 2013

Marketing Interview with Mark Larkin - Owner of Larkin Plumbing

Larkin Plumbing - Marketing Interview

Discover how Mark grew his plumbing business from 2 guys in the 1950's to over $8 Million in revenue

On this episode of the Plumbing Marketing Podcast we interview the Owner of Larkin Plumbing, Mark Larkin out of Las Vegas, NV. He shares some great insights on how he grew his plumbing business from just two guys in the 1950's to over $8 Million in revenue.

Mark talked a lot about his target market (home owners between 42-72) and his unique selling proposition. He has a diverse marketing mix that includes:

  • Yellow Pages - Mark owns the first 4 pages of his local Yellow Pages for Plumbing. He said that about 50% of his new business is driven via the Yellow Pages. On the interview he says "Go Big or Don't Play when it comes to the Yellow Pages".
  • Internet Marketing (PPC & Organic) - Mark has an aggressive online marketing strategy and holds the top position in Las Vegas for "Las Vegas Plumber". He feels that Organic / SEO drives better leads at a lower cost per lead but still runs an aggressive Pay-Per-Click program. "In the past 3 years the internet has transitioned to being his predominate source of new business.
  • Brand Advertising - Mark has seen great success by branding his company as the LEADERS in the Las Vegas market by leveraging Billboards, Radio and Wrapped Trucks. He even pays for his office staff to drive wrap trucks to and from work because the name recognition pays for itself over time.
Josh Nelson & Mark Larkin - Plumbing Marketing Profits Interview

Josh Nelson & Mark Larkin - Plumbing Marketing Profits Interview


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