Plumbing Leads & Lead Sites - How to get the most BANG for your Buck

by Plumbing Marketing Profits on October 16, 2012

How to effectively manage leads from Lead Generation Services to get maximum ROI.

Plumbing Lead - Leads ServicesA number of the plumbing & HVAC business owners that we have interviewed mentioned that they purchase leads from services like Home Advisors (formerly ServiceMagic), eLocal Plumber, PlumbingNetworx, PlumberNear You, etc. On the surface it seems pretty simple, you receive a lead and call them back as soon as possible…if you can get your foot in the door first you have a good chance of getting the business.

The challenge is that these leads are typically being sent to a number of other plumbers and the potential customer is going to be getting a barrage of calls from your competition in short order. So, how can you separate yourself and stand out from the crowd?

Here are a few preliminary tips:

  •  Have leads be sent to your via email and text message so that you can be among the first alerted (Get the first caller advantage)
    • If you have a dispatch team be sure to assign the follow up task to a specifically assigned individual so there is no confusion about who is accountable for the follow up call.
  • Reach out to the customer via phone right away
  • Have a fall back plan in the event you don’t get the customer live on the first attempt


Most plumbing companies that purchase leads make one to three outbound calls to the lead and if they don’t get the prospect live simply trash the lead. That is a major miss and why there is MAJOR opportunity for you and your team if you have a fall back strategy when and if you don’t get the customer live.


The fact is, you “paid for the lead” and this is an individual in your service aree that is currently in need of or about to be in need of your services. Why not put a proactive effort in place to remain top of mind with this prospect until they make the decision to buy? And even if they did hire another plumber, wouldn’t it be worth the effort to remain top of mind with them just in case things don’t work out with that other company?


Your Fall Back Strategy


Most of these lead services provide you with the name, phone number & eMail address of the customer. Put together a series of emails (in advance) that can be sent to your prospects that will position you and your organization in their mind. This can be setup pretty simply with an auto responder tool like Constant Contact, AWeber, or Mail Chimp.  There are also CRM tools that can integrate this for you like InfusionSoft or Get Reponse.


  • eMail 1 – Subject – Your Recent Plumbing Inquiry
    • Customer Name,You recently submitted a request on [LEAD Site] for help with Plumbing Services. I called and left a message for you on the number that was listed and look forward to taking with you soon. You can reach me directly at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

      With so many plumbing companies to choose from in the [YOUR CITY] it can be hard to know who you can trust.  At XYZ Plumbing we have been serving the [your city] area since 1982 and are dedicated to resolving your plumbing issue quickly, cost effectively and without leaving a mess.

      Give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx to schedule your service.

    • eMail 2 – Special Offer for Plumbing Services
      • Customer Name,You indicated that you were in some need of some plumbing services a few days ago. I’m sure you have received a number of calls from plumbers who are eager to earn your business.

        WELL – as our outside the box approach to getting your attention we want to offer you a special offer. If you call us today and reference this coupon we will nock 10% off your estimate for services.


Call now and get 10% off your plumbing services with XYZ Plumbing.

  • eMail 3 – Subject – RE: Your Recent Plumbing Inquiry
    • Customer Name,I hope this note reaches you well. You reached out to us earlier this week via [lead site] looking for some help with your plumbing.  We would love to be of service to you.

      I have tried you a few times on the phone number you listed with no success and don’t know if you are just busy or maybe if you already hired another company.

      Please shoot me a quick reply to let me know if we can be of assistance or give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx


These emails should be used to augment (not replace) your call effort to the customer, so keep calling but rest assured that you are at least touching the customer via email in the mean time.

Assuming you don’t get in contact with the customer within the first 3 emails, add them to an ongoing email newsletter. You are sending a monthly newsletter to your list of past customers and prospects…right?

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Josh Nelson is a marketing expert that specializes in helping Plumbing Business increase their sales & grow their business by more effectively MARKETING. He is a recognized speaker, author and regularly presents at PHCC, ACCA and Plumbing Contracting Associations. His articles have been published in Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine, Contractor Magazine and HVAC Insider. He is the author of The Complete Guide To Internet Marketing for Plumbing Contractors.

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Steven littrell December 25, 2012 at 8:45 pm

one major problem with home advisor is they put adds out using my company name and there phone number and was charging us,and when we contact homeadvisor they claim i gave them permission and refused to remove those adds. So i advise all my fellow contractors to surch there company name on the internet,i mite add I’m not the only contractor is has happen to, they bank on contractors will not persue legal because of there size.
But for all of us good guys i did not allow that and challenged this.

I’m not the type who usely leaves comments good or bad but just wanted to share my NIGHTMARE

Ps i typed this on my iphone and did not proof read


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