Diverse Marketing Tactics that Work for Any Plumbing and HVAC Company with Greg Joyce of Schuler Service

by Plumbing Marketing Profits on December 19, 2017

Marketing Interview with Greg Joyce from Schuler Service

This may sound like a "no-brainer" piece of advice, and in a way it is, but implementing diverse marketing tactics in the way you promote your services is vital to the growth and ongoing stability of your business. In this episode of the podcast, Greg Joyce joins Josh for the third time as a guest. He and Josh drill into the things Greg’s company, Schuler Service is doing to Market their plumbing and HVAC services effectively in their local area. If you don't gain at least one outstanding tip from this episode that you can implement immediately, you are either doing your marketing very well already, or you didn't listen very well. On this episode of the Plumbing & HVAC Marketing Show we had the opportunity to interview Greg Joyce, owner of Schuler Service in Allentown, PA for the 3rd time. He shares how he has been able to grow his Plumbing Company to over $3.5M ($1.5M increase over the past 5 years). Listen to the interview now:

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:24] Why Greg Joyce is on the show for the 3rd time
  • [1:39] The current situation and capacity of Greg’s company, Schuler Service
  • [3:55] Digging into Greg’s diverse marketing strategy - the 3 key elements
  • [8:15] The Direct Mail strategies Greg is using - and how they are working
  • [11:59] Making the most of follow-up mailers, emails, and promotions
  • [19:30] Working within the company to increase positive customer reviews
  • [31:37] The power and importance of tracking your marketing efforts
  • [36:08] The marketing channels that generate the most leads for Schuler Service
  • [38:36] Organizations and groups Greg learns from to keep his business growing
  • [41:42] Final nuggets of wisdom Greg shares: build a great culture among your team

Take a look at the behind the scenes footage of the Schuler Service operation:

Direct Mail is still a powerful way for plumbing and HVAC contractors to get repeat business

One of the most powerful things that Greg is doing to amplify the reach and build the stability of Schuler Service’s customer base is the use of follow-up mailers that go directly to customers the company has already serviced. They use both email and Direct Mail to ensure that their clients understand how much they value the customer's business and how much they care to about making sure there are no problems with the service they received. You can find out exactly how they do it, the companies they use to pull it off, and the impact it is having on their repeat business, on this episode of the podcast.

Positive customer reviews are one of the most important ways to ensure that your company is a trusted resource in the eyes of those needing your services

If you were to look at the online reviews for Greg's company, Schuler Service, you would discover that their customers have submitted more than double the amount of reviews submitted for their nearest competitor. That doesn't happen by accident, the team at Schuler is very intentional about cultivating customer relationships and encouraging reviews of the service they received. In this episode Greg shares exactly how the team goes about soliciting reviews, what they do to incentivize their technicians, and the impact that high levels of quality reviews are having on obtaining new customers.

If you don't know the effect your marketing efforts are having on your profitability, you are likely wasting money on things you think are good marketing tactics, but really aren't

Out of all the things that Josh and Greg spoke about on this episode, the importance of keeping track of the benefit your diverse marketing efforts are having was one of the most vital pieces of information. If you don't know whether or not the money you are investing in marketing is actually bringing in a greater return than the amount of money you are spending, you could be making some assumptions that are not safe to make and wasting lots of money in the process. Greg explains how his team tracks their marketing dollars effectiveness in this conversation and emphasizes why every service company needs to do exactly the same thing.

How did Greg learn so many diverse marketing tactics? He says it's from associating himself with others in his industry who are doing marketing right

No matter how long you have been in business it goes without saying that you don't know everything it takes to be as successful as you possibly could. That is one of the reasons that Greg Joyce has joined a handful of industry groups. In doing so, he learns from others who are doing effective marketing and it enables him to create a more diverse approach to the marketing he does for his own company. Learning from others - it's the way to become more successful than you could ever be on your own. Find out the organizations that Greg is part of and the benefits they have had on his company's bottom line, but listening to this episode.

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