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by Plumbing Marketing Profits on January 16, 2018

Every owner of a plumbing or HVAC company wants to be the one who is the plumbing success story in his area. But do you know what it takes to become that success story? This conversation is with Jeff Heger of NixCo Plumbing. His company has grown to the point of bringing in $5.5M in annual sales and he says it was a lot of hard work to get there. In our conversation we talked about their marketing efforts, the things they are doing to connect with their community, the online marketing strategies that work and don't work, and wrap up with Jeff's advice to those who want to take their plumbing business to the next level.

On this episode of the Plumbing & HVAC Marketing Podcast I had the opportunity to interview Jeff Heger from NixCo Plumbing. Over the past 10 years Jeff has grown his company from about $1M (2007) to over $5.5M running a 17 truck operation!

Listen to the full interview now & to discover what Jeff is doing to keep his phones ringing, trucks running & business booming.

Company Overview:

Marketing Interview with Jeff Heger - NixCo Plumbing

  • Nixco Plumbing -
  • Based in Mason, OH serving the Greater Cincinnati / Mason Area
  • Full service plumbing company
    • 55% Commercial / New Construction
    • 45% Residential Service (And growing)
  • $5.5M Annual Revenue
  • 17 Trucks / 30 Employees
  • In business since 1978 with most growth coming from 2007 on

Marketing Tips & Strategies

  • #1 lead generation source - Internet Marketing (Website, SEO & PPC)
  • #2 lead source helping to drive brand awareness & move people to the website - Radio
    • Jeff runs ads on the local Talk Radio station and focuses on frequency
    • His ads are a mix of spoken endorsement & his Jingle "Don't go to average NIXCO"
  • Jeff has a great charity / community engagement process where he gives a % of his revenues from his "Pink Truck"

Jeff's Internet Marketing Team

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Jeff's key NUGGET for the meeting (among others)

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:24] 41 years of plumbing and customer experience experience
  • [5:45] How Jeff got into plumbing and joined the NixCo team
  • [10:22] Aiming for the higher income customer and defining the USP
  • [16:10] Marketing approaches NixCo has found to be effective
  • [25:52] Public Relations efforts NixCo is involved in - and the pink truck approach
  • [30:14] Networking efforts - what works and what doesn’t?
  • [31:53] Internet marketing efforts: learning and growth has paid off
  • [36:58] NixCo’s unfavorable experience with Google Home Services
  • [42:10] Organizations that have helped the company
  • [45:57] Jeff’s closing advice for companies trying to get to the next level

Why Jeff Heger of NixCO Plumbing would have to be paid to use Angie’s List or Home Advisor

Every plumbing business is different, and if you want to be the plumbing success story in your area you've got to experiment with all the different marketing options available to find what works for you. In Jeff's experience, Angie's List and Home Advisor have provided nothing but low quality leads so he doesn't spend any time trying to use those marketing channels to increase profitability. In fact, Jeff says you would have to pay him to use those services - they've been THAT ineffective. Will you experience be the same results? You won't know until you take the time to investigate an experiment. Jeff tells you how on this episode.

NixCo Plumbing is doing an amazing thing using a pink truck and it’s an approach to community relationships you could learn from

It is vitally important for every plumbing business to have a great reputation in the communities that it serves. But how do you accomplish that other than giving outstanding service to your customers? NixCo Plumbing has long used a pink service truck as an avenue to make an impression on its community. Over time the meaning and purpose of that pink truck has become known throughout the community and Jeff believes it is a benefit to the company in the long run. What is the pink truck and how do they use it? Listen to this episode to hear the whole story.

If you’re thinking about using Google Home Service for your plumbing business, set a small budget, test it out, then make your decision

Google Home Service is a new aspect of Google's add service that is being rolled out across the United States. When it shows up in your area you might be tempted to throw a lot of money at it, attempting to get in on the ground floor. But is that a smart idea? Jeff Heger of NixCo Plumbing says that their experience with Google Home Services has not been what they expected. His suggestion is that you set aside a very small budget when Google Home Service becomes available to you and experiment with the system to see if it works for you. That way you don't spend a lot of money up front with something that may or may not work out. Find out more great and practical tips like this from Jeff, on this episode.

Plumbing companies need to know their numbers and stick with them

At the end of this conversation, Josh asked Jeff for his best advice for those owners or managers of plumbing companies who want to be the next plumbing success story in their region. What could he say to them to help them make it happen? In some of the most practical advice he gave in this conversation Jeff said that you need to know your numbers, in terms of costs and profit margins, and stick to your pricing in order to achieve those numbers. That's the only way to be profitable. This is a terrific conversation that will benefit you greatly, so take the time to hear what Jeff has to share.

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